Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Noro Kochoran #31 Hoodie Sweater

I love the feel of this angora blend yarn. I don't think I'll be adding the zipper to the front. I loosely used the Hoodie pattern from the Knitting Noro book by Jane Ellison. I wouldn't recommend that book because, even though it has beautiful photographs, it's pretty pointless as a pattern book. Why? 1)There's no way to get the gauge stated. I had to redo all the stitch totals. 2) The patterns are shapeless and unattractive. For a "beginner" level book, if someone can shape a sleeve shoulder head, how come they wouldn't be able to shape sides? I had to shape and lengthen the body, widen the sleeves and totally rewrite the hood part of the pattern. 3) There is overlap with her other pattern books. Sorry, wish I had more positive things to say about this book... Ummm, the photos are pretty?

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pennyth said...

I started working on this sweater yesterday. I totally agree it was impossible to get gauge. I started out to make the largest size, after I caat on the sweater was imposibly huge.
In desperation I looked at other patterns, done with similiar yarns and figures out most of them were done on size 7 needles. I cast on with size 7 and the sweater was still 4 inches larger than I wanted. I finally tried casting on 70 stitches, number for extra small sweater (only in my dreams), and am dead on for number of inches the width of the sweater should be. I didn't want the roll up at the bottom, so I did it in all garder.
If I had not read your post, I would of given up. Thanks. After 6 inches of the back, I really like the sweater. Hopefully the hood will be ok when I get to it.